Decorations are purely a way to change the appearance of Theory of Change diagrams, such as adding colours, without changing their meaning.

Some Variable with dazzling decorations; colour=blue7; shape=oval; fillcolor=blue3:green1

Lots of Theory of Change diagrams use different kinds of decorations to embellish the Theory they present. We see all kinds of things from clouds and stars to the size of the lettering or the position of a Variable within a diagram which maybe are supposed to have a clear logical meaning or maybe not.

We suggest when you make a Theory of Change, you make a clear distinction, as in Theorymaker, between things like symbols and colours which have a defined meaning and those which are just suggestive or literally only there to make the diagram look more attractive.

If you want to merely decorate your diagram, Theorymaker provides a whole bunch (see xx) of ways to do that. They are expressed in a way similar to Features, see above, but they are preceded by a semi-colon.

They make no difference to the Theorymaker idea expressed, only the diagrams look different.

So for example this diagram …

Some Variable

… has the same meaning as this diagram …

Some Variable; colour=cornsilk

… only the appearance has changed.