Section Overview

The section extends Theorymaker from the simplistic first chapters.

A bewildering array of different, wicked, things start to happen - from chaos to complexity - as soon as we are just a little more relaxed about what count as Statements, Variables and Rules.

First, we allow Statements, Variables, Rules and Theories which are mostly but not totally clear: which are vague. For example, most of the Levels of a vague Variable are clearly defined but there are some grey areas, for example the lowest and highest Levels.

Next, we allow Statements, Variables, Rules and Theories which we humans can recognise as well-defined, but for which we cannot list all possible cases in advance: they are open. For example, we can usually agree on sorting children’s paintings in a competition into good and not-so-good but we would have a hard time specifying in advance how to do that. Openness relates to emergence, self-editing and unpredictability.

“Vagueness” and “openness” are similar and overlap with one another.

We also allow rich Statements, Variables and Rules. We can think of these as the “multi-media” versions.

This will be perhaps the most substantial section of this book, but so far there is not much to see here at the website.